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Friday, October 14, 2011

Clear Vision

So, get this!  The other day I had this brilliant idea for a blog post.  I told my companion all about it, she told me someone has already written a book about it (who knew?), and then I had an experience that put it into an even greater perspective.  If ever there was a blog to be excited about, it is this one!

Wednesday of this week I went to see the eye doctor.  Yes, the optometrist.  I've been having some issues with my eyes going blurry for no apparent reason.  No good right?  I figured it was time to have the problem looked at.  To sum the experience up briefly: we got there, signed papers, tried not to listen to the distracting music (bah!), escorted to the back room (dun dun dun), had bright lights shined in my eyes, orange dye put in my eye (that rhymed), blue dye dabbed into my eye, a little chit chat, eye drops given, and off on my merry way with a prescription for some eye drops. 

The drops aren't bad.  They feel rather refreshing.  The gel on the other hand..... Not as much fun.  It feels as though I am putting lotion on my eyes and everything goes all cloud-like.  My companion, bless her heart, thinks it is the most entertaining thing in the world.  Myself, I like being able to see.

If you haven't guessed what I am blogging about yet, here it is: sight!  Vision!  Perspective!  Seeing!  You know, the thing your eyes are for.

Way back when I was a brand new missionary (novel idea now I know) I was talking to someone about how we as missionaries look at people differently.  He explained how "you missionaries don't see people for who they are right now or what they look like on the outside, but  you see them for their potential.  For who God sees them as."  After he said this, I asked myself two questions: "how do I look at others?" and "how did I look at others before my mission?"

Have you ever asked yourself that question: "how do I look at others?"  Try it now.  As in right now.
What did you notice?  Again, I asked myself this question.  In answer to it I decided I look at their appearance.  Are they confident?  How are they dressed?  Are they smiling?  Are they sad?  Sadly, the first thing in my head wasn't "they are my brother and or sister."  Honestly, it's something I am still working on.  But that's my imperfection.

Luckily, there are ways to help us better see others as our brothers and sisters.
  1. Pray for Charity.  Seek Heavenly Father's help in trying to be more loving towards EVERYONE around  you.
  2. Study the Scriptures.  Most likely, the answer and help you are seeking can be found within the scriptures.
  3. Sister Kahrs, the blindfolded ninja
  4. Start looking for the good around you.  Each person is loved by Heavenly Father.  Guaranteed you can see anyone and point out one reason why God loves them.  (Try it!)

  5. Serve others.  The more you serve the more you love.  I suppose this one is an extension of charity, but I feel it is it's own divine step.  
These aren't the only ways to change our perspective, but it's a start.  The goal is to permanently have "Jesus goggles" on.  De-fog your vision.  Take off your glasses with the wrong prescription.  Wipe away the dirt from your eyes and start really seeing others for who they are! 

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