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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Endure to the End

For those that know my family, they know that it is full of sports fanatics!  They will watch just about any sport that is broad casted and play most of them as well.  It has made for a lot of lasting memories.  Out of the many lessons I have learned from participating in and or watching all of these sports is that you must endure to the end.  NEVER give up!  Even when things are looking down and the chances are slim, you must hold strong and keep pressing forward.  Push past the doubt.  When things get hard you work that much harder to reach that goal.  In sports, the goal is to win or do better then you have done before.  In life, we do the same thing.  The ultimate goal is to reach eternal life.  To live with our Father in Heaven.  We need to continue to push past the trials and adversity that comes our way.  Our time is short here, but we can make each moment count.  Every second matters!  I know that we all can make that "buzzer shot" if we continue to work throughout our life.  He is there waiting for us.  Continue to Endure and stay strong until the end.

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