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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Avatar: Earthbending

 Due to recent chaos regarding transfers, this post has taken me longer than previously foreseen.  But, here it is!  Earthbending!

Earthbending is the ability to manipulate earth and rock in whatever form they may be in (even metal! (but only my favorite character Toph can do that)).  Being the element of substance, Earthbenders are very diverse, enduring, persistent, and strong.  The fighting style features rooted stances, strong kicks, and strong punches that bring out the mass power of earth.  As opposed to the other bending arts, Earthbenders maintain a distinct balance between their offense and defense.  This balance of strength and defense is used to overwhelm the opponents.

 A good Earthbender masters what is called "neutral jing."  Neutral jing involves listening, waiting, and attacking when the moment is right.  Thus they endure the enemies attacks until the right moment comes to strike.  Being able to predict the opponents next move is part of the "listening and waiting".  A good Earthbender must also be decisive.  There can be no hesitation or uncertainty when that moment of attack comes.  They must also be determined.  If there is no determination, the earth won't move.

There are a lot of qualities mentioned there that are desirable: determined, decisive, listens, waits, moves when the moments right, enduring, strong, and balanced.  Where to begin!  One that jumps out at me, because it's the one I lack, is decisiveness.  This lack of decisiveness is very apparent every day at about noon, as I stare at the fridge and cupboards deciding what to eat for lunch (my poor companions).  But the one I want to delve into further today is enduring.

What is enduring?  It is lasting, continuing, durable.  In a gospel context it is "1remaining firm in a commitment to be true to the commandments of God despite temptation, opposition, and adversity."  As a missionary, we teach others what it means to "endure" all the time!  It's not easy to endure.  Satan is constantly throwing attacks at us.  He wants us to falter; to slip; to fail.  But, just as the Earthbenders, we can endure the attacks and strike when our time is right.  We can listen to the Holy Ghost and be prepared for the attacks.  (It's coming, are you ready?)  So, be like an Earthbender!  Learn to endure the hard times and come out of the battle on top!


Elder Brian Menasco said...

Just when you think the series could not get even more awesome, it just did. Wonderful post! I love it! I guess I could work on enduring till the next post...

Elder Trey Williams said...

Ah man, now I might want to be an earthbender, just because of that post... As a missionary, we must all listen and wait, sometimes to the very last second, to truly teach by the spirit. GREAT POST!

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