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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avatar: Firebending

Next up is Firebending!  (By special request of Elder Trey Williams.The bending style of Fire Nation. 

Firbending is the ability to control and create fire.  No reliance on outside sources of their element to bend, they can create fire using their internal heat source.  But, they can also control flames already existing.  Fire is the element of power; firebending represents energy and life.  This style is very intense, quick, and the most aggressive of all the bending arts.  Simple, direct, and powerful.

To be a successful Firbender, one must have self-restraint (or self-control), breath control, and "inner-fire" (inner-drive).  Firebending isn't merely a matter of directing the element, more controlling the element.  When mastered, this style is not only powerful, but beautiful, comforting, and creative.

What I love love love is the "inner-fire" that a Firbender has to have.  Without that inner-drive they become weak.  There are sooo many times where I find myself leaving things half done or just not done as well as they could be simply because I had no drive to do it.  On the flip side of things, when my "inner-fire" is a-glowin', you can't stop me.  I will do whatever it takes to get the job done or to become the best.

Each of us has great potential.  It's the truth.  Our potential is infinite.  Heavenly Father has given us the chance to become like Him.  Seriously!  How incredible is that?!  But, we have to have the drive to get there.  We need the drive to be obedient to God's commandments.  Drive to learn more about His church.  Drive to be Christlike people.  In essence, we need "inner-fire" to ever even dream of becoming more than what we currently are.  So, become like a Firebender.  Dig deep and build up that "inner-fire!"


Elder Brian Menasco said...

Inner-fire, nice. Its true though, when we have such fire we are unstoppable toward becoming more like our Savior.

mommaquincy said...

Love it! I hope to be bending fire every day! Love the analogy!

kymberlee.fenn said...

Love the analogy very creative!

Elder Trey Williams said...

"The Spirit of God like a Fire is burning"! I know well the fire of the spirit, the enabling and lifting power that it brings, and the feeling of being unstoppable when you know God is with you. It refines, it purifies, it warms, and it shares it's light with others.
Fire is the best. :)

Sister Brittany Nestman said...

Fire is cool, but my favorite is yet to come ;) The next post may be a little later then planned, so stick with me! Next to come is "Earthbending!"

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