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Monday, January 17, 2011

Have you hit a wall?

My companion and I were talking before bed last night, reflecting on what we had done last week.  What we had accomplished, what we needed to do.  We came to the conclusion that we have a long ways to go.  Not only did we look at this last week, but the previous weeks that we have been together.  A realization came to us, that we had hit a wall.  We have become stagnant.  There is a barrier we have hit that we just haven't been able to break through.  How many times do we hit walls?  Challenges or times in life that we hit a rut that we just can't climb out of.  A wall we can't climb over.  What can we do to overcome this?

The first thing we do is pray.  Ask for guidance and what we can change.  The next is to reflect on what we have done, and how we can improve.  What things are we doing that are holding us back?  I realized that there are many things I can change.  More than I thought.  It has taken some humbling and accepting that there is always room for me to change and do better.  Set the bar higher.  Each day there is a higher 100% we can achieve.  A higher best.  I need to continue to hit the bar I have set, then push it higher.  By doing these things I know that I can break through this wall that has blocked my way.  I know I can do it, and that others can do the same with their challenges.  Christ overcame all of our challenges.  Through Him, we can do the same.  Let's burst through these walls in a heroic manner!  Superman style.


Anonymous said...

just what kind of wall have you hit? are you sure its not a barrier God has erected?

Elder Brian Menasco said...

"Let's burst through these walls in a heroic manner! Superman style." I totally agree, what better way to get through things than to plow our way though it. Keep the faith and never give up! Things will always improve as you trust the Lord!

Sister Brittany Nestman said...

Chaptsteven- I know it is a barrier that God has put there. It is there for me to learn from it and to grow.
Elder Menasco- "Keep the Faith" always reminds me of 2 things. One, my old companion Sister Gorder, and two, the Joseph Smith movie. Both are amazing!
Thanks for the comments!

Sister Brook Kenemore said...

Great post sister Nestman! i realized that last transfer! and asked heavenly father to help me out with it... HE DID! in a very big way! i'm grateful for being able to realize that we do at times hit a wall! but that having the faith we need can get us through it!

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