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Friday, September 16, 2011

Middletown Miracles

I despise the heat.  When the temperatures start going higher, I feel like I am getting lower.  Like I am melting and shrinking with every drop of sweat that falls off me.  It's just gross.  On Wednesday of this week I had the opportunity of going up to Middletown California for exchanges with Sister Cluff.  It was hot.  After being in Eureka for so long and then coming to Santa Rosa (which isn't too hot), Middletown felt like the Sahara Desert.

Aside from the unbearable heat, my time in Middletown was incredible.  Our mission president challenged each of the missionaries here in the California Santa Rosa Mission to go out tracting (knocking on doors) or street contacting (talking to people on the street) every day from 3:00-4:30.  During this time with Sister Cluff, we did exactly that.  We went out, hit the street, and knocked some doors.  What we found while knocking doors was miracles.One door specifically almost put the two of us into a coma.

It was 4:15 and we decided to try another street and maybe two or three houses (due to time).  The first door we knocked on the woman said "oh hey! Come on in!"  Can you say A-WE-SO-ME?!?!  We walked in, sat down, and then had to ask the question "are you a member?"  Mostly because we don't normally get welcomed in to someone's home so openly and with such excitement.  Surprisingly, she wasn't; but her husband was.  It ended up being an incredible experience and the family is very excited to have the missionaries come back again (yayayayay!!!!).

What I learned through this is that obedience is key!  There could have been any number of excuses not to go to this door: too hot, too tired, too hungry, or whatever!  An excuse is an excuse and at that point, any one of those was on my mind.  Had I let one of these excuses get the best of me, we wouldn't  have met this amazing family and had the opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel with them.

Now, obedience isn't just a thing for missionaries.  We all need to be obedient to God and His commandments.  Why?  Because that is how we find happiness and that is how we can receive more of God's blessings that He wants each of us to have.  Try picking one thing that you may be struggling with for being obedient.  And, this week, try to do better.  Just see if you don't receive even more blessings.  I know you will.


Elder Trey Williams said...


Katrina said...

Between this post and the stuff I learned on Sunday, I am definitely more determined to be obedient. Thanks compañera!

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