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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Lack of Grace

Evil Pole of Doom
Things don't always go the way I plan them to.  In a perfect world they would.  But, the world isn't perfect and neither am I.  Yesterday my companion and I decided to go online here at the Santa Rosa Junior College.  We parked at the Institute building so we wouldn't have to pay for parking or worry about being towed (o.0).  As we started our walk over we met a girl who was going through the same little short cut as we were.  Kindly, she stepped aside to let my companion and I through.  Sister Kahrs went by first, then it was me.  Because I was too busy looking over at the girl, I didn't notice the pole sticking up about knee high (for a shorty like me) right in my pathway.

Other little scratches
I hit it and fell at about snail speed.  Slow motion movie at it's best!  It wasn't too painful.  Just a few scratches, and now bruises, on my arm, leg, foot, and pride.  Nothing a band aid and some missionary work can't fix!

My foot :(

Now, all of us fall short.  My status on Facebook yesterday was "sometimes I'm just not that graceful."  Fitting for yesterday's events right?  One of the comments stood out to me.  Elder Walter Hepworth said "Key word is sometimes. We all fall a bit short."  Too true!  In life, we all fall a bit short.  That's where our dear Savior comes into play.  He took upon himself all of our weaknesses and shortcomings so that we may rely on Him to help us where we lack.  I know He is there and ready to help us.  To not just put on a band aid but to make us whole again.


Brian Menasco said...

Oh man! I hope all heals up properly! Leg injuries are the worst. Or so I hear.

Katrina said...

you're such a clutz! but I've had plenty of moments like that. Thank goodness the Saviour can heal us, both physically and spiritually!

Elder Trey Williams said...

All I have to say is..Shake off the dust, and arise. ;)

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