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Thursday, September 8, 2011


How awesome is this?  I love it!  And, as you probably know, I want to tell you all about why it intrigues me.
It begins as an almost splurb of color (if Dr. Seuss can make up words, so can I).  From this splurb of color it slowly becomes this dazzling colorful horse.  Just what every little girl dreams of!

Now, the application to the gospel (the moment you've all been waiting for).

Each of us begins life as splurb at one time or another.  We are incomplete.  There is so much for us to become!  Right now, I think I'm kinda in the semi-formed horse head stage of these pictures.  Heavenly Father can see the end of the picture.  He knows what we are becoming.  I am so grateful that He does too!  Because He has this big picture, or the final vision of what we can become, in His view, He can help us on our way to it.

I know I have seen this happen in my life.  The Sister Nestman of today is far different than the one that entered the mission field over a year ago.  Heavenly Father has been shaping me; molding me into the person He needs me to be.  He can do that for everyone and anyone if you let Him.  Rely on Him.  Let Him change you into the wonderful creature He wants you to be (even if it is a brown and pink horse).


Brian Menasco said...

I have seen this happen a lot in my life recently. Going home, starting life and school... Its a lot to take in at once, but I know the Lord is there every step of the way as I do my part!

Katrina said...

That's SO cool!!!! and, may I say, legit! That, my friend, is a beautiful work of art :)

Sister Sara Simnitt said...

I love this post Sister! It so true Heavenly Father sees what we can become, but it is the strokes of our decisions that paint the picture. The potential that all of us have starts with today! :)

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