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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Five Minutes to Christmas

Upon one lonely Christmas Eve,                           "This Holly has a thorny leaf,
A knock came at my door;                                      Like those on Jesus' crown;
No one was there, just a little tree                          And berries red just like his blood
That wasn't there before.                                        In great drops falling down."

Upon the tree a paper note                                    Five minutes, I could hardly wait,
Writ with a child's scrawl,                                      I watched the clock tick on,
"My branches green point up to heaven               Then found a shiny golden star,
I hope you will recall."                                          But who e'er left it was gone.

Five minute more, a knock again,                     "We've seen his star shine in the east,
And now a tiny bell                                               The wise men were heard to say,
Was left just where the tree had been;                  Let us kneel and worship him
Who left it, I could not tell.                                   Upon this Christmas Day."

Another note, and this one said,                           I waited still inside the door,
"I ring for all to hear                                            But at the tick of five,
That glorious news that's the report                    Was nothing new upon the porch
Made at this time of year."                                  And no one there alive.

Five ticks again, another knock,                        No more tonight, I told myself,
I rushed, but could not see                                  That's all there is to be,
Ought but a smiling Angel's face                        But a knock came once again;
Looking back at me.                                           I hurried out to see.

She held a paper in her hand,                            A little box with paper bright
And on it written thus,                                      Sat where the rest had done,
"On this day a child is born,                              I picked it up and read the note
And given unto us."                                          Taped to the top of this one.

I waited quietly at the door                              "Three gifts were given to the One,
To hear another knock,                                    Myrrh, Frankincense, and Gold;
Then I burst right through the jamb                 Then He was given as a gift
At five ticks of the clock.                                  With a price that can't be told.

A candy Cane was there alone,                        "This wondrous gift is ours; rejoice!
But no one was in sight,                                    The Son of God is come
Just a scribble about shepherds                        To free the world from sin and death
Who watched their flocks by night.                  And bring his people home."

I waited five and knew that I                            I know not who has brought these gifts
Would open the door to find                            But humbly I receive;
Something also left on my porch                     And now rejoice along with them
Of a Christmas kind.                                       Who blessed my Christmas Eve.

A candle burning brightly on                          I ask you to remember now
Was left before the door,                                These Christmas gifts so sweet
"It was night when Christ was born,"           And how each one will call to mind
The note said, "but no more."                       The Love of God complete.

Five minutes later there was left                  11/17/2009 -Dale Jay Dennis
A branch with a thorny growth,                  
And tiny berries in between                         
The leaves, and then this oath:                     
 I read this poem and completely fell in love with it!  It is the day after Christmas, so forgive me for the post-Christmas post.  But, the message is still true and is a reminder to always remember what our Savior has done for all of us.  Merry day after Christmas!

1 comment:

Elder Brian Menasco said...

I love the last line: The Love of God complete. I think about how before Christ came, everyone talked about how he would come to the world and save all mankind. Once he was here, the blessing of the Atonement came into all our lives!

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