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Monday, December 27, 2010

Life of a Sister Missionary part 4: Sunday Best

Before the mission, Sundays were the only days you could find me wearing a dress.  While on the mission, I wear one every day.  This did not appeal to me whatsoever when I was younger, but I now realize how important this is.  We are representatives of our Lord and Savior.  Each day as missionaries we put on the black name badge that bears the name of Jesus Christ.  Usually, we wear dresses on Sundays because it's our day to serve the Lord and it shows respect for Him.  As missionaries, we serve the Lord every day as we share the gospel with others.  So every day we wear our "Sunday best." 
 D&C 42:40-41 "And again, thou shalt not be aproud in thy bheart; let all thy cgarments be plain, and their dbeauty the beauty of the ework of thine own hands; And let all things be done in acleanliness before me." 


Seth Spencer said...

As Referral Center missionaries, most people don't even see us and don't really know we wear the suits and name tags. I really like the phrase that we dress for success. And like you said, we need to act as a representative of the Lord in everything we do in order to have His spirit with us.

Elder Brian Menasco said...

Someone asked me once if I was ever going to wear a tie more than once a week when I get home. I do love my ties, but its something I never liked before my mission. It is true, we need to look the part!

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