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Friday, December 31, 2010

Life of a Sister Missionary part 6: Feed the Soul

Each morning we spend an hour in personal study.  We study from the Book of Mormon, Holy Bible, Preach My Gospel, and other church-approved literature.  So basically, we study the "words of life."  As missionaries, we are promised that we will be given the words we will need to say in the very hour we need them (D&C 84:85).  This promise requires us to do our part and study.  What I study usually depends on the day.  What we will be doing makes a huge impact on what we as missionaries study.  We may study by reading straight from the Book of Mormon or Holy Bible.  Other times we may do a topic study. 
To begin the "personal study" time, I say a prayer (see a trend here?).  The next step I take is I get out my study journal and write down what I plan on studying.  It helps me to stay on topic and really get my mind focused.  When I have down what I want to study before beginning, the study time flies by.  The end always comes too soon.  Throughout the hour, I also write down things that stick out to me, things I learn, "a-ha" moments, and whatever else inspires me.  At the end of my study, drum roll please..........a prayer.
How has this helped?  The days I study and the days I don't have a completely different feeling.  There has been maybe 2 days (for shame) that I didn't get to do my personal study on my mission.  Those days were horrible!  The Spirit was not there.  When it did come, it was after a lot of repenting and pleading for help.  Study time is precious.  My days are substantially better when I have a good and focused study.  Basically, personal study is phenomenal!

1 comment:

Elder Brian Menasco said...

Study is the bset to start the day off running. I love it! There is nothing that gets me more pumped up to go out and preach the word of God to every person I meet!

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