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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Box Smashing Thoughts

adilsifosijfwlekfuojlhcjflmeoiwehroldilkcioejmlaehioahwofneiowiejwn!  That's how I feel sometimes.  Today, it's kinda been one of those days.  Last night my companion and I went to be excited.  We had the whole next day booked and it was going to be awesome.  But, things don't always go as planned....

After the alarm went off and I realized that my dream had been a dream, my cold hit me.  My head felt three times bigger than it actually was.  The day proceeded with not one, not two, but six cancelled appointments.  One right after another.  Luckily, my companion and I had some backup plans in store, but still.

At one point this morning, we found ourselves smashing boxes.  I gladly took this opportunity to smash out some of my frustrations and did some thinking amongst the destroying.

My thoughts were about some of life's great questions.  Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  Today, the questions was more direct: "what am I doing here, knocking on doors and having no one answer?  Why is it that no one can meet with us today?"  With each box being taken apart one by one, I realized something.  There are days where the Lord builds us up.  Step by step like the boxes.  Someone, at some point, wanted that cardboard as a box, and made it such.  But "1 sometimes the Lord brings us low, before He can lift us higher."

At one point or another, we all face challenges.  It is a part of life.  These challenges are meant to make us stronger.  To teach us something.  One thing that I have learned from today is to keep smiling, no matter what.  I know that as I have kept a smile on my face, I have noticed all the little blessings around me.  Even on a foggy Eureka day, there is beauty and wonder to behold.  Being sick has helped me to see how awesome it is to be healthy (still working on being grateful for this one....but it's coming).  Above all, it has reminded me of how truly wonderful good friends are (ie. my companion).

 Why do you think we are given bad days?  How have you overcome them?


Sister Kimberly Tucker said...

These are questions I've been pondering lately myself and it's true. Life is hard, but hard isn't a bad thing. We learn and grow the most during those hard times. I try to pay attention and figure out what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me from those experiences. And smiling helps a lot too :)

Elder Barnes said...

Sometimes I love bad days. Sometimes I hate them.

I think bad days are there to see if we learned anything on our good days. ;)

Being Patient, and sometimes just not talking in order to think better help to make the hard times easier.

Elder Barnes,

Brian Menasco said...

Its almost odd, but Bad days are really awesome. It seems like when we are at our lowest, the Lord is there waiting for us to lift us high. At times of adversity we can learn the biggest lessons for eternity!

Katrina said...

You were finally able to use the confusion hill photo!!!! Yeah!!! Despite how awesome this photo is... the Lord doesn't want us to be confused. It's hard to remember that sometimes. When I feel lost and alone I often wonder what's going on, but then the Lord always helps me. Just when I'm at that point when I think I'm alone, He always pulls through.

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