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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Expressed in Photo's

<Phew!>  Packing and unloading is such work!  This weekend I had the sad yet happy news I was leaving Eureka to go down to Santa Rosa.  I have loved being in Eureka.  It is a part of who I am now.  Also, it was hard to hear the news that I would be leaving my companion.  But, it was the Lord's will.  On the happy side of things, Santa Rosa is a place I have wanted to serve for a while.  Right in the heart of our mission here in California.  Another exciting thing was to learn that my new companion would be Sister Kahrs.  She is someone that I have wanted to serve with for a while and I am finally getting to serve with her now. 

Quickly the shock and excitement wore off and the realization came that I would have to prepare to leave.  That meant packing....Yay!  (Sarcasm sign is up on that one.)  The goal of the packing frenzy was to get my whole life (18 months of it) into two suitcases and a carrying bag.  My life currently consists of clothing, bedding, books, and more books.  Surprisingly, it all fit!  Once it was all packed away I had a giant sense of accomplishment and sadness.  It all fit!  But now the apartment looked half empty.  My side of everything was barren.

My goodbyes were said; hugs and high fives given; now it was the four hour car ride to Santa Rosa.  During the car ride, my mind recalled all that had happened in Eureka.  Because there is so much, I thought I would share some pictures that really depict what it meant to me.

So many memories of the people, sights, and the spirit I felt there.  I know Heavenly Father sent me there for a reason and I know that Santa Rosa will bring much of the same.


Katrina said...

Oh thank you SO much for that post. Pictures are worth a thousand words and you just flushed back a thousand memories. Thank you! I love you and wish you luck in Santa Rosa! :D

Brian Menasco said...

Eureka will never be the same, I know you have made a major difference. Thanks for the picture montage. It was epic, and brought me back!

Sister Orrock said...

I know that Heavenly Father sent you there for a reason too, and I am just grateful that part of that reason was to be my trainer. Thanks so much for being the amazing missionary/person you are.

Elder Trey Williams said...

Alas, the nomadic life of a missionary! But all we can do is be grateful for the experiences we had, and look forward with faith to the ones yet to come. :)

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