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Monday, August 8, 2011

My Morning Smile

Every Monday, in the Santa Rosa Mission, we have what's called Pday (or preparation day).  We are to do our cleaning, shopping, letter writing, emailing, and laundry all on this day.  This particular morning, Sister Orrock and I went next door to use the washing machine, as we usually do, and discovered something a tad out of the ordinary. 

Not the everyday sight right?  The two kids popped up and said "you're ruining it!"  Of course, we had no idea what we were ruining at the time.  But, these two aren't afraid to fill you in.  Apparently they had discovered a mouse under the sink.  I didn't check the validity of this claim, but they seemed to have everything ready.  They set up a trap to catch the alleged mouse. 

It began under the sink.  A trail of rice crispies was carefully placed from the sink over to the handy dandy empty peanut butter jar. 

Once inside the jar, the lid would be put on and the mouse would be caught!  Victory = Children! But, there was one tiny little problem, one of the members of the extermination crew had a major lack of focus.  Each time he saw us he would get up and say "hey, I I I wanna show you someting!" 

As one would guess, the sister became frustrated and unhappy about the lack of focus her brother had.  I chuckled about the whole scene for a while before it dawned on me, I bet Heavenly Father feels the same way about me!  He has this great plan that leads to eternal happiness, but I get distracted.  Things that I think, at the time, are better than His plan.  Foolish right?  Silly as it may seem, it's true.  We are all human!  We don't see the whole picture, only Heavenly Father does.

Thank goodness Heavenly Father is patient, loving, and unchanging.  This sister didn't give up on her brother.  She kept reminding him of their plan and what they had to do for it to work.  Though we may veer from God's plan at times, He is always there to help us get back on track.  He helps us regain focus and see the joyous outcome of sticking to His plan, which is eternal life. 

How has Heavenly Father helped keep you focused amongst all the distractions in life?


Seth Spencer said...

I know we all get distracted with our "better way." I am also grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who is patient with us! Thank you for sharing, and for writing so well!

Brian Menasco said...

Personally, he has given me the ability to write. Keeping a journal has helped me see my goals, and then decide what I need to do better, such as avoiding anything that may be averting my focus from more important things.

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