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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Superawesomefantastic Day!

Yesterday was an awesome day.  Today, via pictures, I wanted to share with you why it was such a great day.  Who doesn't like to hear about good days?  I know I do!  So, I am going to be a little prideful and tell you all about my incredible day!

Saturday, August 6th began bright and early.  No, I don't have a picture of me waking up (that's on a previous post).  We woke up extra early because it was our temple trip day.  One of the cool things about serving in Eureka is that we get to go to the Medford Oregon temple.  The not-so-cool thing, it's a four hour drive. 

Here's the crew!  We rode with a wonderful member of our church and six missionaries, myself included.  Three Elders squished in the back of a van, us sisters in the middle, the driver and one Samoan up front (we love our islander missionaries!)

We had heard from a few people living in Eureka that under the bridge in Klamath, there was a whale.  Because you don't see a whale everyday, we made sure to make a brief stop to say hi to the whale.  I named her Betsy.

Betsy showed us some tricks.  Okay, she just swam in circles and showed us how she could shoot her water spout.  But, we made sure to raise our hands in the air and cry "Free Willy!"  How awesome would that be to say you saw a whale jump a bridge?!?!  However, Betsy stayed in the water (probably a good thing).

For some of us, we read scriptures, talked, and admired the beauty around us.  Others couldn't quit stay awake... I snuck this picture of my companion sleeping (tehehe). 

The temple was as peaceful and wonderful as one would expect.  It truly is the "House of the Lord."  I learned a great deal more about myself and Heavenly Father's plan for me.  While there, we were also able to see a young couple go through the temple for the first time and they soon were sealed together.  Married for time and all eternity.  Something that I one day hope to achieve.  Find someone that I want to be with forever and be sealed to him inside a temple of the Lord.  It is one of the greatest blessings of the gospel: eternal families and relationships.

Sadly, we couldn't stay at the temple all day.  Eureka was waiting for us.  We did get to see Paul Bunion and his blue ox Babe along the way.  His feet are WAY bigger than mine!  The drive home was filled with a great deal of reflection, snacks (we were hungry), pondering, and napping.  Once we were home, we had a quick bite to eat and then off to teach an amazing couple!  We talked of Christ and relished in the good news of the Gospel.  It was the best way to end the day!  Whale, temple, giant ox, baptism prep, and good friends.  I see no flaw in this day.

Now that I have shared my whole day, I would like to hear about something happy in your day.  Even if you don't think it was a good one, I'm sure there is at least one thing that made you smile.  Please feel free to share it.  "...Men are that they might have joy."

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Brian Menasco said...

Today I was able to catch up with a friend who I had not seen in 3 years. He started his mission, and a year later, I went on mine. Turns out he is still awesome. Double awesome day?

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