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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Liahona replica

For about the hundredth time (give or take) I have read about the Liahona in the Book of Mormon.  The Liahona worked as a compass, so to speak.  It directed the prophet Lehi and his family to where they needed to go.  Though it is like a compass, it didn't work in the same way.  A regular compass works magnetically with the earths magnetic field.  The Liahona worked according to the peoples faith and diligence.  Basically, it worked when they were righteous.  The times when they rebelled and fell into iniquity it would stop working.  They would lack the guidance from God that they needed.
As I ponderred about the Liahona, my sci-fi fantasy mind immediately lead me to thinking about the compass from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.  To quote the movie:

  "My unique."
"Unique here having the meaning of broken?"
"True enough, this compass does not point north."
"...Where does it point?"
"It points to the thing you want most in this world.

Jack Sparrow's compass worked, but it didn't point North.  It guided you to whatever thing you wanted most.  Person, treasure, place, or thing, it would take you there.
If I were to choose between the 2 compasses, I would have to say both.  Not just one or the other, but both.  Both of them together would make for the ultimate compass.  Why?  Well, one works to guide you to the desires of your heart and the other works when you are righteous.  IF both are working at the same time, then your desires are righteous.  Not only would you know which direction to go (from Jack's compass), but you would receive guidance from God (from the Liahona).  Best of both worlds!
Each of us can have this guidance.  We can.  It is readily available to all that desire it.  This guidance comes to us from the Holy GhostThe Holy Ghost shows "all things that you should do" (2Nephi 32:5).  He is there to warn us of danger, to guide us, comfort us, and to always be there.  What do we need to do to keep this top notch "compass" around?  Stay worthy.  Live righteously and have righteous desires.  Plain and simple.
 I know every person on this earth can have this blessing if they desire and if they live worthy of it.

1 comment:

elderryanswaner said...

Sister Nestman!
Your blog is amazing. I was teaching a Recent Convert about the Liahona and I compared it to Jack Sparrow's compass. So my recent convert googled it and came across your blog. Your blog is awesome. I love it. Thanks for the good work Sister. Keep it up!
Elder Ryan Swaner

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