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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turn Up the Fire!

The past few weeks I have had the amazing opportunity of serving with a brand new missionary.  There is something about a new missionary that just gets me excited!  Fresh out of the MTC and ready to go.  This eagerness is often referred to as the "greenie fire."  But, from my experience, I prefer to call it the "greenie inferno."  It is an attitude that, sadly, a few missionaries lose after being out for a while.  It all just starts to become "old hat."

Myself and Sister Tucker
Likewise, I have found this attitude common when it comes to living the Gospel.  We become casual with our worship and our personal fire begins to slow.  It is easy to take something for granted when it is something we become accustomed to.  But we cannot become casual nor should we forget that it is the small and simple things that matter most!  Saying a prayer, but not putting any thought or feelings behind it.  Reading your scriptures just to say you read them, but not getting a single thing out of them.  These things are still good, but without that fire behind them, they are hollow.
Something I have stressed with my new companion is trying to be exactly obedient to the missionary rules.  Plain and simple right?  But it is by these simple things that we receive great blessings as missionaries.  Spencer W. Kimball, who was a former president of the church, once said "The day obedience becomes a quest and not an irritation is the day you gain power."  When we master doing the little things because we want to do them, we will be blessed beyond comprehension.
If you have lost the fire, get it back.  If your fire is dwindling, put more wood on it!  Build up your fire until it is an inferno!


Elder Brian Menasco said...

Keep it up! You two are doing amazing work!

Dorothy said...

Thanks for the post... and the picture! I love the Spencer W. Kimball quote. Now I have a new quote for my refrigerator. We all need to remember that. Thanks for taking care of my missionary! :)

Sister B. D. Gorder said...

Thank you !!!! i needed that today!!

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