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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Attitude Change

Beating the heat with Popsicles
Almost a year ago now I was praying for rain.  I kept looking into the sky and questioning if clouds were really something that existed or just a figment of my imagination.  The hot days of summer seemed like they would never end.  Well, for the past few days (I'd give you a number, but I lost count), it has rained and rained with very little sign of stopping.  The sun has made occasional cameos, but didn't stay around for long.  Most people ask the question "how are you liking this weather?"  To which I respond, "I don't like rain when it's cold.  I'd rather it be snow."  But, the other day I was asked "what do you like most about the rain?"  A simple question that made me look at the rain in a more optimistic way.
In a talk by Jack H. Goasland, entitled "Happiness," he talks about how each of us has at some point asked ourselves "am I happy yet?"  Raise your hand if you've ever asked that question to yourself.  You better believe mine is raised as far as I can raise it!  We all want to find happiness.  2 Nephi 2:25 states that " are, that they might have joy."  Happiness and joy are a part of life.  "1 Our yearnings for happiness were implanted in our hearts by Deity. They represent a kind of homesickness..."  It is a desire given to each of us by our Father in Heaven.  He knows how we can find joy.

"Striving for happiness is a long, hard journey with many challenges. It requires eternal vigilance to win the victory. You cannot succeed with sporadic little flashes of effort. Constant and valiant living is necessary....  I am convinced if we are to have happiness in our hearts, we must learn how to preserve it, in our hearts, in the midst of trouble and trial. We can control our attitude toward adversity. Some people are defeated and embittered by it, while others triumph over it and cultivate godlike attributes in the midst of it."
I may not like the rain and I may struggle to be optimistic about it.  But, I can change my attitude and look at the glass half full.  Jack H. Gasland said it perfectly above when he talks of preserving happiness in our hearts.  We can be happy at any time, in any place, and in all things if we choose to be.  Really, we can.  Choose to be happy.  "Just do it." (Nike)  I know that our loving Father in Heaven wants us to be happy.  He is there rooting for us every step of the way.  By choosing to be happy we allow Him to step in and make us even more happy.  Just try it.  I dare ya.


Elder Brian Menasco said...

Rain. Thats why I have fenders on my bike. But yeah, I totally agree. Sometimes it is hard to be positive, but we can do it!

Elder Nathan Hancock said...

I'm dripping wet. And I agree. Agency is a poweful thing! Thanks Sister Nestman!

Sister Brook Kenemore said...

this was great! i wish that I could have showed this to a member yesterday! I wanted to ask him if we can start calling him Brother Negative Nelly, but refrained, but in the midst of his negative comments, he told us that we "volenteer to be happy" we both said "EXACTLY!" and caught him in his own words! it was very exciting! haha, great post sister Nestman!

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